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Recently Medicare opened the door to improved patient care through remote patient monitoring. Vital sign data is gathered by the patient, stored securely and shared electronically with our office. The physiological data is then reviewed and we can identify changes or trends that may indicate a problem before it has become serious. 

Medicare covers the cost of the equipment and the ongoing monitoring or members with two or more chronic health conditions. This would include conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Not sure if you're eligible? Give our office a call to find out.

Other health insurances may provide coverage as well, please check with our office.

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Patient care plans and configurable alerts are customized from the VitalCare Connect app. When an anomaly is detected or the patient has not taken their vitals, the  physician is notified and proactive measures can be taken and documented in the secure app.


Builtin HIPAA compliant Multi-user video calls for Virtual Check-In and remote health consults eliminate unnecessary visits to the emergency room and in person appointments.


Family and caregivers can stay connected to their loved ones.
View streaming and historical readings of vital signs.
Set medication reminders to be pushed directly to the app.
Send messages to the app for gentle reminders of doctors appointments, prescription reminders, and reminders to take vital signs readings.